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  • Mattie E. Hyde
  • Marietta, Georgia, USA
  • Age: 34
  • Current Job: Detention Specialist

  • Zoe D. Turner
  • my daughter
  • Age: 9
  • Currently in 3rd Grade

  • This web site was created using Coffee Cup HTML Editor.
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  • Most trouble-shooting was resolved by Sean Alexander & Cole Thompson, who just happened to be friends of mine and programmers. Very helpful guys.

    I received my first computer in 1998 and have ever since been trying my best to get a web site up and running. It has only been recently that I finally figured out how most of this HTML works. Guess it just took a while for my brain to accept it.

    It is very rewarding to see your own site come up and work especially since I didn't know jack when I first started. Web sites like tripod offer really great templates, but I wanted the dirt under the pretty pages. Needless to say, source is very resourceful.

    My artwork is a collection from as early as 1982. It is only recently that I have started letting Zoe help me create, thereby encouraging her own artistic abilities. My need to create has never ended. I have no formal training in art, other than what they taught me in those art classes in high school. I am forever picking up new ideas for creations. My work is mainly mixed-media.

    The poetry contained within is from the early 80's till recent. I haven't written any poetry, I think, in about a year. It comes and goes like the tide. Most of it stems from anger of all things. Personally, I don't think it's very good, but I felt it was another extension to my artistic abilities and therefore deserved some recognition.

    Photography has been with me since I got my first Ricoh camera in 1985. I took a ton of rolls on that bad boy. Today, however, I have graduated to a Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera, which I still am learning all the bells and whistles on that thing. I love it and you will notice that I prefer macro shots the best. My goal with photo's of people is to get the eye color. I don't know why, but that's what I am after. I'm using several different programs to achieve the effects contained within my jpeg's. They included MGI Photo Suite III, Adobe PhotoShop 5.0 Limited Edition, and Sierra Imaging which is the software that came with my camera.

    As I continue to get better at all of this, so shall this web site grow. My future goals for this site is to learn Macromedia Flash. I think that medium is just too sweet.

    You'll notice that I have a ebay link on here. That's because I am a ebayer. I do occasionally sell items there. And I figured what the hell. Why not include them here too!

    All in all, these are the things that I enjoy doing the most. And to think you thought I was just a guard at a jail. LOL.

    Other stuff I like to do is as follows:

  • candle making
  • paper making
  • dried flowers
  • gardening
  • interior decorating
  • japanese calligraphy
  • gun range practice
  • Tomb Raider fiend

    I hope you have enjoyed my site. Thank you for visiting.